Cleveland Pediatric Specialty Clinic

Project details

Infinity served as General Contractor for heavy demolition and renovation to the partially occupied first floor of the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in the space formally occupied by the Women’s and Children’s Health Clinic. The Zagara Pediatric Speciality Clinic is a 17,769-sf renovation that includes construction of new medical offices, procedure and exam rooms for audiology, psychology, neurology, neonatology, cardiology, ENT. There was also extensive replacement and plumbing of HVAC systems. The high end and artistics finishes are themed for children.

As the building remained occupied, the work was divided into two phases.  The portion of the building this space occupies is very old and demolition encountered several unknown HVAC and plumbing deficiences including very corroded lines that had to be replaced, firestopping and firegaps that had to be repaired.  Many of these replairs included off shift work in the basement.  One of the unique craft components of the prjoect were curved wood ceilings which required close subcontractor coordination as the details were complex.  This project achieved 65% diverse subcontracting participation.  

Exam Room
Curved ceilings
Audiology Room




University Hospitals

Project Completion Date

April 2020

Project Metrics

Volume Range: $>5M <$10M

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