Behavioral Health Renovations

Project details

This 10,485-sf micro-phased construction management at-risk project begins with selective demolition and abatement.  Subsequent renovations include modifying existing conditions including doors/hardware, toilet/lavatory fixtures/trim, ceiling grilles and diffusers and fasteners etc.  Reconfiguration creates new ante room(s) at entry to unit, reconstruction of Intensive Care Suite (seclusion/ante room/toilet) and enclosure of administrative core.


This work completed within occupied space.  We are paying special attention to temporary partitions, delivery of construction materials, and how construction workers move within the space to minimize disturbance to patients.  Infinity self-performed drywall and ceilings.  Achieved 20.3% diverse subcontracting participation.

Floorplan (good)




The MetroHealth System

Project Completion Date

October 2018

Project Metrics

Volume Range: <$1M

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