Operations Office Renovation

Project details

Infinity served as General Contractor for this 2nd floor renovation of a three-story building constructed in 1952 at the 1201 East 55th Street Operations building.  The scope includes 5 private offices, open office areas, 3 conference rooms, shared fitness room, the technology heavy control room which operates 24/7, a fatigue room, kitchen, breakroom, restrooms, a 1st story locker room,  and demolition of a basement restroom.


The construction was interrupted by Covid creating both labor and procurement delays for custom glass and control room lighting fixtures.  However by expediting and resequencing our schedule on several occasions, we made up all but 3-weeks.  The project required FBI background checks for all construction workers due to the high security of the facility.  To create the new gas control facility we had to maintain duplicate operations until the new system was cut in.  The project required abatement of floor tile on the 1st floor.  We also encountered an unknown condition of 14” inch thick concrete in the basement with an inch-thick tar vapor barrier. Achieved 41% diverse subcontracting participation.  We have subsequently secured a second project with this client.

Gas Control Room





Dominion Energy

Project Completion Date

December 2021

Project Metrics

Volume Range: >$1M <$5M

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