Warrensville Heights Patient Floor and Dialysis Unit Renovations

Project details

This project at Cleveland Clinic’s South Pointe Hospital completed in two-phases. the 5th floor is a partial renovation that involves replacement flooring, ceiling, finishes, and relocation of some walls and offices. It accommodates dialysis unit, and the Grace Hospital South Pointe rehabilitation unit. After completing the 5th floor, staff temporarily relocated there to allow a complete gut renovation on the 9th floor. The new space includes 25-single patient rooms and deluxe sized single rooms of nearly double the standard size. Each includes restrooms and showers. The floor also includes 5 nurses’ stations, a charting office, and an administrative office.


This project has remained occupied throughout construction.   The relatively simple 5th floor work was complicated by another contractor working for Grace Hospital simultaneously.   Prior to the start of construction, the Owner accepted our constructability recommendation to complete the 9th floor in a single phase rather than two.  The 9th floor HVAC services required replacement of supply ductwork on the occupied 8th floor, requiring extensive temporary protection installations with negative air pressure to maintain ICRA standards.  The 9th floor work also required the tracing of orphaned circuitry prior to removal, fireproof patching, and extensive technology upgrades.

Building Exterior
Waiting Room
Call Center
Cleveland Clinic - Southpointe Hospital




The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Project Completion Date

July 2018

Project Metrics

Volume Range: >$1M <$5M

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